What is banky.cc?

banky.cc lets you accept secure online credit card payments for anything, from anyone, with the minimum of fuss. Just follow the simple signup process and you could be accepting credit card payments for your product/services online within a few minutes.


See what banky.cc can help you

  • Secure

    banky.cc uses Stripe to process payments securely. Banky does not store credit card details, and all payments are sent securely.

  • Fast

    Follow the simple sign up processes and you could start getting paid in minutes. Just create an account, link it to Stripe, then start receiving payments

  • Cost effective

    banky.cc is cheaper than other similar services at just 1.5% (plus Stripe fees). Signing up is free, and no charges are deducted until you get paid

How much does it cost?

banky.cc takes a service fee of 1.5% on all transactions (mininum fee £0.50), in addition to the usual Stripe fees. It costs nothing to sign up, and no fees will be deducted until you receive a payment.

For example if you receive a payment of £10 GBP, then Stripe will charge you £0.34 and banky.cc will charge £0.15, leaving you with a net payment of £9.66.

Please note that Stripe fees vary by region/currency.